King’s Theatre Dome Photographs

King’s Theatre Dome Photographs.


King’s Dome of Old

King’s Dome of Old.

Cork Street Open Exhibition…..



….in the old London town district of Mayfair. My (Celie’s) painting ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ has been shortlisted for this last ever show. I have a feeling that due to all the leases in the area coming to an end Cork Street will no longer exist as we know it. Buildings & galleries are being sold for what I believe will become office space. 

Follow link for tickets & info: 

It’s Almost Over…..



……with the last day of painting the dome at the King’s Theatre tomorrow. Many hours up in the Gods with no sunlight, drama, tears of laughter, jolly japes & more. It’s been an amazing experience for us all up there & I’ll be sad when the scaffolding starts to come down but looking forward to the 6th August when everyone involved will be there for the ‘BIG REVEAL’.

A Spot of Good News…..



….Celie’s painting ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ has been shortlisted for the Cork Street Open Exhibition.

Good To Go?

dining chairs

Our dining chairs have been offered a good home!

Ramshackle Rose Rocks!


Rockin’ Ramshackle Rose…..


…it’s taken many hours of sanding, painting, sewing, embroidering but is now complete. This incredibly comfy chair shall be available to buy on Ramshackle Rose’s Etsy & Folksy stores tomorrow!

That’s Some Blank Canvas Harry!




After many discussions & talks about the dome in the King’s Theatre (Edinburgh) it has finally been prepared for us to start. Kevin Leary (our gaffer) is somewhat taller than the rest of the team; myself, Marion Thomson & Gayle Bray are barely over 5 feet with Fraser Gray being the possible exception. We have such a short time to get this finished I have a feeling it’s going to be a minimum of 12 hour days for some of us, the one’s that really don’t have a life that is!

In the meantime there’s a Rambling Rose rocking chair to get finished & body casts to turn into comic book heroes for a film festival….

Photos courtesy of Gayle Bray

Retro Bureau……




… to London (tomorrow).