Retro Bureau……




… to London (tomorrow).


2 thoughts on “Retro Bureau……

  1. Yeahhh, the chooks will miss it…How much does it cost to send, do you use a courier? It’s a bit of a mystery to me, and I’ve held off on larger items..not sure how complicated it would be. Also Arizona?!! how on earth does that work?? Hope you don’t mind me asking……Nicole.

    • etsy sales to arizona, paris….we just had to wing it in the hope that someone likes enough to buy.
      yup, courier: DHL that kind of thing. if the item is small/light enough then i take it over to the depot, very reasonable prices. if it’s heavier then nightfreight is what i’m going for.
      sorry for curt/short answers but i’ve got LOADS of work to get out the way this week before king’s theatre painting….my heart’s in my throat!
      once you get used to sending overseas couple of times then it really is pretty easy…hey people do it all the time, why shouldn’t we!! x

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