Renovation! Renovation! Renovation!

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Big changes are happening for this space in the Old Town of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts are relocating to accommodate gallery space as well as residential & professional studio space PLUS running arts & crafts classes. It’s been really worthwhile volunteering our time to get ‘stuck in’ with a lovely bunch of people. We’ll keep you posted on the progress, but it’s amazing what Louise, Stevie et al have achieved in such a short space of time.



Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair


Next on the agenda is this old rocking chair. Think this should be painted in one of Ramshackle Rose’s trademark colours: Ra Ra Red. Still working on a design for the back but have something lovely in mind.

In Another Workshop…


…over the next couple of days I shall be donning paint brush, scrubbing brush, mop, drill, sandpaper (whatever gets put into my hands) & helping with the renovations for the Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts, who have relocated to lovely spacious premises in the Old Town of our capital. You can offer your services too of course, click on the links below to get more info.

Embroidered Cushion


Embroidered BirdHere’s the finished piece. Honest opinions & critiques would be much appreciated…..not entirely happy but that’s just the painter in me. I might have to unpick the pleated edge & re-sew today, yes in fact that’s exactly what today is all about….THEN I’ll be suitably satisfied, oh & get a feather pad that fits!

Today’s Update….

Parker Knoll & Cushion


….somewhat crumpled at this juncture but getting there. This is going to look really lovely when the embroidery is done & the duck down pad has been finally inserted.

Today in the Workshop….



….shall be stitching like mad up here before the big event (for Celie) of seeing Public Enemy live in Glasgow tonight. It’s all very exciting with the cushion coming along nicely then the reward for all the hard work of Celie possibly meeting her hero Chuck D!

Today in the Workshop….



….this is the beginnings of the cushion to adorn the recently reupholstered Parker Knoll chair. Still plenty of work to do & that’s before it all gets sewn together. We have a vision. As Jean Luc Picard would say, ‘make it so’.

Friday Finds

Well it’s been awhile since Ramshackle Rose featured a ‘friday find’ & here it is. Image

Family run business in Edinburgh with premises in a cool little nook of the Morningside area. I remember my mum buying a couple of goose down cushions some 30 odd years ago & they are as good as new today….seriously. Plus, they had exactly what we were looking for today!

You can also find them on facebook

Possible Good News?

slate chairmustard5Patience lovely people……you’ll get the lo-down anon!


Today’s Inspiration



Today’s inspiration for a cushion cover to accompany this reupholstered Parker Knoll chair is a pair of commemorative pitchers to celebrate the marriage of Mr & Mrs John A Cummings from Greenock in Scotland on 11th December 1896. I’m thinking embroidered linen & round……yes indeed.