1953 Parker Knoll Leyburn Chairs

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Ok, so these chairs have been stripped of their original upholstery today & been given a clean bill of health: no rot, no woodworm, no staples. The expression of joy of there being not one staple anywhere near these 60 year old chairs is immense; nothing worse than having to take staples out, especially when they’ve been badly put in.

Ramshackle Rose (that’s Laurie & Celie) on our honour do promise that we shall NOT reupholster said chairs using a staple gun!

Today in the Workshop….



…this is our next mission (yes, Laurie & Celie decided to take it). These 50’s Parker Knoll chairs are in desperate need of the Ramshackle Rose re-vamp. So it’s deconstruction day today!

Today in the Workshop….



….while the hard snow outside is battering the workshop in deepest, darkest Fife, the warmth not only from the coal fire but seeing the transformation in these dining chairs fills our hearts with joy & optimism. For one day soon the sun will shine, the flowers will bloom & with these chairs you too can bask in such pleasures! Designed by Laurie Robertson & Celie Byrne in Fife, Scotland £480.00

Dining chairs at the ready



Once the sun is out in the morning, decent photographs shall be taken in the garden to show the detail in these Art Deco style chairs. We think they’d be perfect round the dinner table….oh & do excuse the pile of freshly laundered towels & linen, one can only prioritise…the chairs made it top of the list.

Today in the Workshop…



….it’s been all about dining chairs this week. Four solid wood seating fit for round the dinner table. There’s only been one pair of hands these last few days so the swallows had to be individually painted on the linen for each seat. Kinda nice that each bird has it’s own quirk.

Today in the Workshop…..



….Ramshackle Rose have got 4 of these chairs to strip & re-upholster. The coverage on all 4 seats were a nasty pink (yikes!) polyester velour (bigger yikes!). Just the thought is sending a Homer Simpson judder from head to toe. We’re thinking each should be a different colour with printed linen.