John ‘Patrick’ Byrne Lithograph

DSCF2226DSCF2228In 1968 my father, John ‘Patrick’ Byrne joined the Glasgow Print Studio, the same year he created the cover art for The Beatles Ballads album.

The lithograph is in the style of ‘Patrick’, the persona the artist first adopted in 1967. Having been greatly interested in the work of primitive painters for a number of years, Byrne sent some of his own paintings to a London gallery with a letter stating that they had been created by his father, Patrick, who had received no formal art training. Although he did not maintain the deception for long, he nonetheless signed many of paintings this way in the 1960s and 1970s. The bulky figure of the cow sits alongside self portrait of the artist. Not a Laurie Robertson & Celie Byrne design. £350

Paper: Height 68cm x Width 93cm

Printed Image: Height 60cm x Width 85cm

Frame: Height 90cm x Width 112cm

Inscription: Signed John Byrne, handwritten in pencil & ’34/47′ also handwritten in pencil bottom right of image.

Please feel free to contact Ramshackle Rose for more info.

Collection from Fife, Scotland.

Ships from United Kingdom

Ready to ship in 1-3 business days

United Kingdom £30.00
United States £110.00
Everywhere Else £138.00

6 thoughts on “John ‘Patrick’ Byrne Lithograph

      • Hello!
        I’m Axel Korinth, author of several acclaimed books and articles about the Beatles. For a huge project I’m currently working on I’m researching the backgrounds of The White Album at the moment. Would it be possible to get in touch with John Byrne (or to forward some questions to him) to learn more about the artwork that was eventually used for the Beatles Ballads LP? Thanks for your kind help!

        With best regards from Germany,

        Axel (

      • hi there alex

        excellent! i’ll forward your details to my dad if that’s ok with you and hopefully you guys can take it from there (?)

        with best regards from scotland

        celie byrne

  1. Dear Celie

    Thanks for your fast reply. That’s very kind of you. I’m very much looking forward hearing from your father. So thank you very much indeed!

    Best regards

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