Au Revoir!



Adieu mon ami. Vous nous avez donné une telle grande joie mais le temps est venue pour vous pour chercher des pacages nouveaux…..bon voyage!


Fingers Crossed…..



Just waiting for some possible good news from across the Channel…..Vive La France!

Snow’s A’ Fallin’

Yes, there is a smattering of snow from up above & the fire is about to be put to good use as it’s a ‘bit parky’. So here’s what’s happenin’ in ‘Today in the Workshop’:

a) Laurie’s psyching herself up for the long hours at her blah blah job

b) Celie’s psyching herself up to get on with her entry for this year’s BP Portrait Award

In the meantime enjoy the log fire….

Nobody in the Workshop?

Yes, it’s true. One half of Ramshackle Rose has to teach class & hang finished work in the foyer of college as the other half is entertaining a small child whilst no doubt sitting at a sewing machine or sketchbook. In the meantime here’s a little ditty to start your day the happy way…..enjoy!

Today in the workshop….


….& the snow. Found the handles that make this sideboard rather elegant……hurrah! Designed by Laurie Robertson & Celie Byrne in Fife, Scotland.

You can view this & other works at:

Small Upcycled Cabinet



Finished! Designed by Laurie Robertson & Celie Byrne in Fife, Scotland.

Looking for (drop down) Handles….




Argh! Why is it so difficult to find plain drop down 85mm handles? Why? WHY?

Today in the Workshop….



While waiting for coats of paint to dry on our retro sideboard, this little cabinet shall be getting some detail added….it’s gonna be pretty.

Today in the Workshop…..




It’s only taken twelve hours of sanding & painting….then a bit more sanding & some more painting to get to the basics of what we’d like this sideboard to look like. Still a lot to do, but as long as there’s coal on the fire & Spotify in the background one is happy to soldier on.

Good news….



Quiltage heading off to the big smoke, where the roads are paved with gold. Good luck youngin….send us a postcard.